Frequently Asked Questions

Troubleshooting and Technical

Audio on the page is distorted or "glitchy"

If you're experiencing distorted audio in the form of audible pops, crackles, or "glitches" we recommend the following:

No sound is audible

If you're viewing this site on a device running iOS (iPhone, iPad) and it has a physical mute switch, be sure that it's unmuted.

Keyboard key presses are ignored

Sometimes, when many keys are held simultaneously, keyboard key presses will be ignored. This is unfortunately a common issue with most modern keyboards known as "key jamming". If you'd like to experiment with the tuning systems on this site in a highly polyphonic way, we recommend exporting the relevant files to Ableton Live and using a MIDI controller rather than a keyboard to experiment and play.

Certain browser extensions can also interfere with keyboard input. Try disabling browser extensions while viewing this site for an optimal experience.

Interface elements have odd colors or display incorrectly

You might encounter situations where certain interface elements appear entirely black, white, or in odd colors when using older browser versions. To remedy this, please upgrade your web browser to the most recent version available.