Exporting files

You'll find an Export... menu at the bottom of many of the widgets.

This lets you to export the music you make in the Sequence tab so that you can keep working with it in Ableton Live.

You can also export the tuning file for use in Live or in other programs that can use Scala files.

Using exported files in Live

When you export an Ableton Live Set, a .zip file called Ableton-Live-Idea.zip will download to your device. This contains a file called Ableton-Live-Idea.als, which is a Live Set that you can open in Ableton Live. Note that this file won't open in versions of Live older than Live 12.

When you export a Scala file, either an .ascl or .scl file will download to your device (depending on which option you choose). To use it in Live:

  1. make sure the Tuning section of Live's browser is open. You can find this in Live's View menu
  2. drag and drop the file to the open Tuning section of the browser