Image of a spiral, a tuning fork, a tuner display, the headstock of a stringed instrument and a tuning lattice, which are various tools used to analyze or interact with musical tuning.

A tuning system is a way to organize musical pitch, by narrowing down from the infinite number of possible pitches to a usable subset.

A tuning system tells you where to put the frets on a guitar, for example, to make the pitches that form melodies and chords. Tuning systems also inform the techniques that singers, violinists, and other musicians use to tune their instruments and find specific pitches. Tuning systems are often associated with a particular musical tradition or culture, and they give us the names we use for pitches and their relationships.

Ableton Live 12 now supports different tuning systems beyond 12-tone equal temperament (or 12-TET), which has traditionally been the default tuning for MIDI hardware and software. This website allows you to explore the various tuning presets that come with Live 12, and even make your own.