22 Sruti (center C)

For a general introduction to Just (Rational) Intonation and these presets, please visit Introduction to Just or Rational Intonation (JI).

About this tuning

22-tone quintal Rational Intonation Indian śruti gamut, according to Sambamurthy/Daniélou, consisting of 22 notes per octave derived from harmonic series intervals up to a prime limit of 5. Constructed by schisma-alteration of notes in a 22-tone tertial scale generated from 11 perfect fifthsPitches a fifth apart have a 2:3 frequency ratio (in just intonation) or a difference of 700 cents (in 12 tone equal temperament).Visit the link to learn more ascending and 10 descending plus the fundamental.

Legend of ASCII Notations

The following ASCII are used to write note names in rational intonation:

For EDO systems, the standard notation uses a degree and division, i.e. 1\31 for the first step of 31edo. If another interval is being divided, it may be placed in brackets or angle brackets afterwards, i.e. 1\11 (3/2) for Wendy Carlos beta.