12 HS 16-32 (Tenney)

For a general introduction to Just (Rational) Intonation and these presets, please visit Introduction to Just or Rational Intonation (JI).

About this tuning

12-tone harmonic series subset consisting of partials 16°, 17°, 18°, 19°, 20°, 21°, 22°, 24°, 25°, 26°, 28°, 30°, (32°), used by James Tenney in Diaphonic Trio (1997). Fundamental (16°) is on F. Partial 20° (A) is tuned to 440 Hz, to keep the tuning compatible with other rational intonation scales in this collection. Tenney's original default tuning sets degree 5 (4/3) to F in 12edo (349.228231 Hz), so the deviation of F on a tuning meter is 0 cents.

Learning more

Legend of ASCII Notations

The following ASCII are used to write note names in rational intonation:

For EDO systems, the standard notation uses a degree and division, i.e. 1\31 for the first step of 31edo. If another interval is being divided, it may be placed in brackets or angle brackets afterwards, i.e. 1\11 (3/2) for Wendy Carlos beta.