Using this site

Each tuning preset in Live links to a page on this site, where you can read about the tuning and experiment with interactive widgets. An example of one of these widgets can be found below. Here's how it works:

Notice that the widget has four tabs. In the Play tab, you can tap the pads to play notes. The display above the pads is a tuner, and it shows you the tuning of the notes you're playing. If your device has a microphone, you can also sing or play an instrument and the tuner will respond to what the mic hears.

With the menu in the tuner display, you can select whether tunings are shown in relation to the current tuning system or to 12-tone equal temperament.

Tap the Sequence tab to view a grid where you can make musical patterns. You can play back your patterns with the play button above the tabs. On some pages, the grid will already contain notes, but you can delete or edit them to create your own music (you can always get back to the original by tapping the Reset button at the bottom right of the widget).

The Code tab allows you to create and edit tunings using an interactive editor. Changes you make in the editor will affect the notes in the other tabs.

Finally, the All-in-one tab combines the parts of all the other tabs into one view.