An interval is the distance between two pitches. It can be measured as a ratio between their frequencies or in centsA cent is a unit of measurement for intervals and is defined as 1/1200th of an octave.Visit the link to learn more.


Introduction to EDO tunings, 5-EDO, 7-EDO, 11-EDO, 12-TET(EDO), 13-EDO, 19-EDO, 22-EDO, 24-EDO, 31-EDO, 35-EDO, 36-EDO, 41-EDO, 43-EDO, 53-EDO, 55-EDO, 72-EDO, 12 Henricus Grammateus, Introduction to Just or Rational Intonation (JI), The Dastgah Concept in Persian Music, Make your own tuning