The finalis or foroud is a pitch that functions as a melodic cadence's goal or destination tone and creates a sense of conclusion. The term "tonic" is also sometimes used, but some authors avoid using it because it is associated with Western music theory.


Dastgāh-e Šur, Dastgāh-e Abuatā, Dastgāh-e Dašti, Dastgāh-e Bayāt-e Tork, Dastgāh-e Afšāri, Dastgāh-e Segāh, Dastgāh-e Čahārgāh, Dastgāh-e Homāyun, Dastgāh-e Bayāt-e Esfahān, Dastgāh-e Navā, Dastgāh-e Māhur, Dastgāh-e Rast-Panjgāh