("beginning") The pitch with which a Dastgah, Avaz or Gusheh is usually initiated. In some Dastgah, it is different from the Foroud, while in others they are the same pitch.


Dastgāh-e Šur, Dastgāh-e Abuatā, Dastgāh-e Dašti, Dastgāh-e Bayāt-e Tork, Dastgāh-e Afšāri, Dastgāh-e Segāh, Dastgāh-e Čahārgāh, Dastgāh-e Homāyun, Dastgāh-e Bayāt-e Esfahān, Dastgāh-e Navā, Dastgāh-e Māhur, Dastgāh-e Rast-Panjgāh