12 WT (Lehmann)

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About this tuning

12-tone well temperament Bach-Lehmann 2005. One of several attempts to reconstruct the tuning of J.S. Bach's Das Wohltemperierte Klavier, Lehmann offers an interpretation of the visual pattern of loops drawn on the cover of Bach's own copy of the score. The five fifthsPitches a fifth apart have a 2:3 frequency ratio (in just intonation) or a difference of 700 cents (in 12 tone equal temperament).Visit the link to learn more F-C, C-G, G-D, D-A, A-E are each narrowed by 1/6 tertial commaA comma is a small difference in pitch between the same interval in different tuning systems.Visit the link to learn more. The three fifths E-B, B-F♯, F♯-C♯ are tuned as 2:3 frequency ratios. The three fifths C♯-G♯, G♯-D♯, D♯-A♯ are each narrowed by 1/12 tertial comma. The final remaining interval, A♯-F, is left 1/12 tertial comma larger than 2:3.

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