12 Tertial-Quintal (Erlanger Traktat)

For a general introduction to European historical tunings and these presets, please visit Introduction to European historical tunings and temperaments.

About this tuning

Rational Intonation scale, derived from harmonic series intervals up to a prime limit of 5. G♭ through G tuned in perfect fifthsPitches a fifth apart have a 2:3 frequency ratio (in just intonation) or a difference of 700 cents (in 12 tone equal temperament).Visit the link to learn more (2:3). C-E and G-B tuned as pure thirds (4:5). E♭♭-G♭ and B♭♭-D♭ tuned as pure thirds (4:5). WolfA wolf refers to a noticeably out-of-tune interval in a given tuning system that results from adjusting or "tempering" that interval to fit within a fixed number of notes.Visit the link to learn more between B♭♭ and E.

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