12 Tertial Eflat-Gsharp (center C)

For a general introduction to European historical tunings and these presets, please visit Introduction to European historical tunings and temperaments.

About this tuning

12-tone tertial Rational Intonation scale, derived from harmonic series intervals up to a prime limit of 3, ranging from E♭ to G♯, centered on C. Also commonly known as PythagoreanPythagorean tuning is an approach to tuning based on stacking pure fifths (i.e. fifths with an exact frequency ratio of 2:3).Visit the link to learn more or Ancient Mesopotamian tuning, based on perfect fifthsPitches a fifth apart have a 2:3 frequency ratio (in just intonation) or a difference of 700 cents (in 12 tone equal temperament).Visit the link to learn more. The five chosen chromatic pitch spellings (C♯, E♭, F♯, G♯, B♭) are based on the usage of perfect fifths in the Robertsbridge Codex (1360).

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