Hijaz-Bayati-Kurd 24EDO

For a general introduction to maqamMaqam (pl. maqamat) is the modal melodic system used in the Arab worldVisit the link to learn more and these presets, please visit A Guide to the Maqam Tuning Presets for Ableton Live 12.

About this maqam

This pitch set enables 24EDO versions of the maqamat Hijaz, Hijazkar, Bayati, Kurd, and Saba. E1/2♭ is substituted for E♮ and B1/2♭ is substituted for B♮. Provided by Sami Abu Shumays.

JinsJins (pl. ajnas): a scale fragment of 3, 4, or 5 notes with a specific mood and melodic vocabulary.Visit the link to learn more modulations possible within this pitch set

Experiment with this tuning

Learning more

Here are some resources to learn more about this tuning system.